African Inspiration 

I keep seeing images of African baskets on walls, such as these:

Source:West Elm

Source: Decoist

And these

Source: Maria Killam

I was really wanting to do a basket wall display just like this in my entry hall. I had a couple of flat baskets already, but I really loved those African designs. Time to find a way to make my own!

I was able to get some of those cheap cane woven plates that used to be used at BBQs and picnics to support paper plates. I remember them from my childhood, and picked these up in the op shop but I think you can still get them in discount stores as well.

Then I got my sketch book and watercolour paints out to play with some designs to go on them.

Once I had an idea of design, I used chalk to try and mark the cane for my designs.

Then I painted the basket with watercolour paints.

This was a lot trickier than I thought it might be!!!!!

However, I persisted and simplified the designs a bit, and here they are:

Then I hung them on the wall around the mirror with the other flat baskets I had.

Voilà! African wall baskets that aren’t actually African. 😊

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