Telephone Table Update 

It’s been nearly two years since I updated this little telephone table (see This Post )

And one naughty cat, who might or might not be called “Frodo” has done some damage to it since then.

I found some gorgeous blue and white hand blocked Paisley fabric from India on eBay that was crying out for a special project, and this was it!

First I had to decide whether to paint the drawer again, or strip it. I was feeling ambitious so I went with the stripping option.

With several layers of paint to get through I started with some paint stripper.

And that’s when I discovered why I’d always painted it before. 

Turns out the table top and front of the drawer were topped with laminate!!!!

Aargh. These things always turn out to be more complicated than you first think!

With the aid of a trusty screwdriver and a sharp knife I managed to get the laminate off. Of course doing this ripped chunks out of the top.

A heap more paint stripper was required to get the glue off, and then I set to sanding and trying to repair the gouges.

Turns out some parts were made of a pretty maple coloured wood but other bits were made from plywood. At this point I was wondering why I’d ever decided to do this project. 

But I wasn’t giving up just yet. I decided to try and stain the wood. I mixed some water based polyurethane varnish with some brown acrylic ink, and plunged in with brush and rag …

It looked great!

Until I got to the table top. 😢

More sanding. A lot more sanding.

After several hours I gave in, and decided whatever imperfections remained would add “character” and “patina”.

“Meh” it will do. (In hindsight, I should have just bought a new piece of timber for the top, but I didn’t think of that at the time!)

Anyway, here it is in all its glory.

And with a pretty vintage lace cloth and some bits and bobs on top, I reckon it’s a success! I love the fabric!

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2 Responses to Telephone Table Update 

  1. This turned out great! I feel you on starting a project and wondering why I decided to take it on. I see telephone tables quite often and thought they were kind of obsolete, but I like what you did here. Looks a like a great place to stash your mail, phone, keys, etc.

    • Aixie says:

      Yeah in a sense they are obsolete, but this is the ideal spot for my keys when I come in the door. It’s also a handy space to sit and take my shoes off, stash my handbag etc. I keep my lipstick in the little drawer so I can put it on when I leave the house, and I keep all the takeaway menus in there too ( I never knew the best place to put them where they don’t get lost, and there’s still a handful of places around here that don’t have websites or apps!)

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