Wall Cupboard Makeover 

I always find it hard to walk past a forlorn, unwanted piece of furniture in the op shop.

I’d been thinking of putting a shelf up above my bed for a while when I came across this obviously home made little cupboard in my local Savers shop for $4.

This would be perfect! And all it needed was a light sand and a coat of paint….

I went for a retro sugary pink colour that would stand out on my deep blue wall.

I also added some cup hooks to the bottom so I can hang pretty things from it.

I love it!

About Aixie

Artist Crafter Interiors Addict Crazy Cat Lady
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5 Responses to Wall Cupboard Makeover 

  1. Valerie says:

    I love it, too! How cute, and such a great contrasting color!! ^_^

    • Aixie says:

      Thank you!!!! I’m loving the colour contrast, and now I have another place to create little vignettes in my home 😊

  2. jdawgswords says:

    It’s beautiful…I miss not having my own place…it’s depressing…

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