Embroidered Tablecloths and Vintage Glassware 

Naturally when I bought that little wall cupboard I didn’t walk out of the op shop with just that!!! I found all sorts of other pretty bits and pieces, including these gorgeous vintage glasses, which will be perfect for the chocolate mousse I’m planning for Christmas Day!

This beautiful embroidered table cloth was a bargain for $6! It’s quite large, plenty big enough for my dining table, as was this vintage damask cloth. I’m thinking of dyeing it a soft blue or green colour, but am undecided as yet.

It was obviously a day for tablecloths and other textiles, as I came across these crocheted numbers, another retro embroidered cloth and a rainbow crocheted rug, not to mention the vintage rose print cushions….

The sweetest little blue and white ginger jar, just a couple of inches tall was irresistible to this blue and white fanatic!

As was another lidded ceramic dish for my dressing table.

Then another brass vase for my collection and these two vintage tumblers, which are quite big. You don’t often see coloured vintage glasses as big as this, I only wish there’d been more of them!

Wow, what a cartload of treasures!!!! Some days the op shop gods really smile upon me!!!

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