December Bed Post

I think I’ve been reading too much of Selina Lake’s book Romantic Style (her books are awesome, check them out!), because I’ve gone with a very soft and romantic bed this month!

The starting point this month was my grandmother’s crocheted bedspread. My paternal granny made this for me when I was maybe 9 or 10 years old? It is made for a single bed to fall completely to the floor, but it sits quite nicely on my double bed. (Coincidentally this was my paternal grandparent’s bed!!)

I was never allowed to use this as a child, it was considered too precious, and the cats might damage it.

The same reason was given as to why it should remain in my parents linen press, as I grew up. I recently asked my mother for it and her first question was “why?”.

“Because it’s mine and I don’t want it to spend eternity in a cupboard where no-one can enjoy it.” was my response.

Lo and behold, it formed part of my 41st birthday present last month! And still the concern that my cats might destroy it.

They’re looking pretty much like angels here…..I think they love it as much as I do!!!!

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