Window Treatment Inspiration

I was recently perusing Instagram and came across some new images of Stylist Debi Treloar’s home. Apparently, it is up for sale – if I were rich and lived in London I would be queuing at the door of the real estate agent : Light Locations

I have watched Debi transform her home in many different variations and have loved every single one. She is a true style icon and most recently has imbued her home with a lovely translucent quality with boggins of white and accents of pale  greens and blues. One thing that hasn’t changed is her love of the colour turquoise.

When I spied this image of her dining area I was entranced with the turquoise curtain rod:


I had been wondering what to do with the window treatments in my sitting room, especially when a friend visited the other day and pointed out (much to my intense embarrassment) that I needed to replace the bamboo blind because of the horrendous damage Frodo had done to it. (Thanks Mia, despite making me feel like I was living in a hovel, you spurred me on to update my curtains/blinds!)

So when I saw this, I remembered the wooden curtain rods I had taken down when I installed the blinds, which due to my hoarding nature were still in the shed! Yay!


Perfect for painting blue!

Off to the hardware store for paint….a sample pot of British Paints “Tempted Teal”.

I also needed some wooden curtain rings. The curtains that were in the house when I bought it were tab top style and no curtain rings were included. No dramas, the hardware store had those too!


Once painted I hang up the mandala curtains, but I still needed something to replace the tatty bamboo blinds. I had picked up a pretty crochet tablecloth in the op shop a while back, and a partially cut lace tablecloth was given to me by a friend. These pieces would work nicely as lace curtains! Debi uses lace tablecloths on a lot of windows and has inspired me to use them in the past, so it was almost a given.

I do still have one panel of window yet to be covered, but I have had plans for a while now to make a lace curtain out of doilies, so there’s my next project!

As always, photographing my windows is difficult given the fact I am not a professional photographer nor do I have a proper camera. My iPhone usually does a damn good job, but it doesn’t quite get the perfect image when it comes to my windows. So please excuse my not-so-brilliant photographic skills here……

I’m very happy with this new arrangement!!!!! It has also reminded me how much I love the colour turquoise, so expect to see it creeping back into home!!!!

I’m thinking now of hanging some thrifted white vintage table cloths as curtains…. what do you think?

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4 Responses to Window Treatment Inspiration

  1. Love your curtain pole and Mandala curtains! I have a huge window like yours, in my living room. My curtains and nets are old and boring, you’ve inspired me to give them a new look now!

  2. nenamatahari says:

    That’s gorgeous!

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