French Knitted Macrame Style Plant Hanger

After my forays into loom knitting I had an epiphany about old school French knitting.

Could it be used like macrame to make plant hangers?

Time to find out!

With some cream wool I created four strands of French knitting approximately 600mm in length.

I ran into a small hiccup with this in that the first ball of wool was from my stash, but only made two and a half strands. When I went to the shop to buy more they didn’t have it and I had to buy a different, slightly thinner ply. 

Serves me right for barrelling headlong into a project without being organised. That’s typical of me!

Anyway, I decided to just keep going despite the slight differences, and thankfully it’s not obvious in the finished product.

First I tied the ends of all strands together with a knot.

Then I knotted two stands together and then the other two strands together.

Then I took one of each of the strands knotted together, and knotted those together, a bit further up.

Rinse and repeat!

Then I tied the top strings of the strands to a metal curtain ring.

Using the rest of those top strings I wrapped around the ring to cover it in wool.

The finishing touch was a fat woolly tassel tied to the base.

And it’s ready for hanging!

Very retro 1970s!

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