Hamsa Hand Amulet

I’ve been thinking about creating a Hamsa hand amulet to hang in my bedroom for ages.

Chances are you have seen these symbols on jewellery or clothing at some point, many different cultures and religions use them. For more details see the entry on Wikipedia .

Today I was sketching ideas on a piece of paper and the hand kept appearing. So I grabbed a  piece of thick paper and drew this:

Once I’d finished colouring it in, I decided to cut it out and glue it to some cardboard and finally make that amulet

On the reverse of the piece of card (cut from a cat food box!) I glued some pretty wrapping paper.

Then I thought I’d like to hang some wooden beads from the base.

On the larger ones I painted eyes – thought to repel the Evil Eye and usually found in the centre of the Hand of Fatima.

And then threaded them onto some blue wool and hung them from the bottom of the hand.

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5 Responses to Hamsa Hand Amulet

  1. nenamatahari says:

    OMG! I absolutely love it! I’m a big Hamsa and Evil eye fanatic.

  2. Mixy says:

    Love! I have thing about hamsas too, yours is great, and blends beautifully in your room. I love this cats face peeping out from behind the backing paper too šŸ˜Š

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