Harry Potter Cupboards

I am a total nerd. Not only am I a Whovian, but among many other fandoms I am also a Potterhead.

I picked up these copies of Harry Potter books in op shops and second hand book stalls to use for crafting projects. (Don’t worry, my original copies are sacred and I wouldn’t dream of destroying them!!!)

I have been meaning to do something to the cupboards in my studio for ages as they are marked with paint and scuffed and generally daggy.

Given the mural I have just painted dominates the room I wanted something neutral. As you have seen if you’ve followed my blog for a while, I love to decoupage using book pages, newspapers etc. there is something I find very soothing and comforting about the printed page. 

So I set about decoupaging the pages of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince to the cupboard!

This used nearly a whole 16oz tub of Mod Podge and approximately half a Harry Potter novel. Cost approximately $30.

And I love it….

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