Little Blue Bag

So it’s time to confess.

I’m fascinated by the various things that people carry around with them. Whenever there’s a “what’s in my bag” Instagram challenge or hashtag going around I get totally drawn in. They say a woman’s hand bag is a window on her personality!

So here’s the junk I lug around with me every day!

Now that I am working in the city I have an hourlong commute on the bus, so what I bring with me has changed dramatically!

I carry everything in this cute blue backpack for convenience:

My pink and white striped umbrella in case of rain. This thing is ancient and desperately needs replacing.

My alpaca water bottle.

A napkin, because I hate the wastage of paper towels and don’t see why I can’t use the real thing, even at work.

Crystals. Obviously essential.

Silver pocket mirror.

My Kath Kidston wash bag which now has a new purpose! I’m trying hard to reduce the use of plastic in my home, but carrying containers of leftovers without them being wrapped up in a plastic bag has been fraught with difficulties! My solution is to put my lunch into this old wash bag which has a waterproof lining 😊.

Makeup bag.

Fur-lined fingerless gloves to keep me warm walking to the bus stop.

Chocolate. I get up way too early for my stomach to tolerate breakfast these days so an emergency chocolate bar has saved me from starvation more than once! (Yeah, I know, I know it’s very unhealthy!)

My beloved MacBook Pro goes almost everywhere with me!

As does my iPhone. I keep my earbuds in this little pink pouch to stop them tangling.

A notebook, notepad and fountain pen.

The little blue silk pouch holds a microfibre cloth to clean my glasses with….essential especially when it rains!

Wallet – upcycled nicely now, as per last week’s post!

Keys. My mum and dad brought the adorable little wooden camel key ring back from a holiday in Broome.

Essential oils…..this is a blend of Spike Lavender, Hyssop and Frankincense, which is an amazing cold and flu remedy.

The little pink silk pouch contains lip balm and lipstick.

And finally I get a couple of hours a day now to read which makes up for the long commute as I’m getting to read a lot more often! This is an old favourite, the first in a series of about 15 books. I’m really looking forward to re-reading all of them!

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3 Responses to Little Blue Bag

  1. Mixy says:

    the washbag/lunchbag idea is inspired! I’m just the same with ‘what’s in the bag’ things – youtube especially when it feels like a real life rummage through! It’s so true – it’s a real insight into a person’s thinkings, what they choose to carry around with them! Lovely post – thanks for the tour!!

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