Decoupage Wall Planters

With four cats in the house, three of whom are indoors only, houseplants can take a real battering.

So I try to put my plants out of reach of paws and teeth, not an easy feat with such agile kitties! I decided I wanted to get some wall planters, but I was astounded by how ugly they are! Unless you have fistfuls of cash, then they get, well slightly more attractive.

Pretty blah, I think you’ll agree. But have I ever settled for blah? I think not!

My old standby, decoupage, saves the day again.

I decided to use fabric not paper, given there’s a good chance the decoupage would get wet.

Three different types of fabric here – Japanese lawn, cotton quilting fabric and some polyester/elastane that was cut from a dress that was too long.

Lots of Mod Podge required for these!

The Japanese lawn was the easiest to apply and the poly blend the hardest…,

But the end results looked pretty fab…

And safe from chewing, furry little rascals!

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2 Responses to Decoupage Wall Planters

  1. Mixy says:

    Fabulous transformation as ever!!

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