Tie-dyed doily stone door stops

I have vast quantities of pretty vintage lace doilies, and I keep buying more without the faintest idea what I’m going to do with them.

But I came across a crochet-wrapped stone on instagram and realised I might be able to use doilies in place of the crochet, which I can’t do.

First I dug some stones out of my garden.

Then I pulled some largeish doilies out of my stash.

Next I dug through my box of fabric dyes, and pulled out a selection of colours.

Then I randomly coloured the doilies with the dyes.

Once dyed and washed they were ready to be stitched onto the stones.

I used embroidery thread to stitch them at the base. I’ll admit this looks a bit messy, but it actually works quite well in a practical way, as the knotted doily and thread makes a soft cushion under the stone, preventing scratching of my nice wooden floors.

They make me smile!

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2 Responses to Tie-dyed doily stone door stops

  1. Mixy says:

    What a genius idea!! I’ve got a big bag of these somewhere that I inherited from my nana. I often thought of dying them (these are totally the colours I’d choose too!). I’ve looked at – but not tried – make a big round lampshade from some using a balloon as a mould and layering with glue / paint. (Lots on Pinterest if you haven’t seen already)

    • Aixie says:

      I inherited a bunch from my grandmother too, and I buy them in op shops without knowing what to do with them! I have seen those awesome lampshades (I have a whole Pinterest board with what to do with them too)….I also love the tops, vests, cardis and skirts made with them, but I don’t reckon I’m talented enough to sew them. 🙄
      I’m glad you like my little doorstops!!!!

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