Stash Buster Wind Chimes

After more than 15 years of beading and making jewellery, I have accumulated a very large stash of beads. Every now and then I try to find a craft that helps use up some of the leftovers from other projects, and this rainbow wind chime is just such a project!

Take a bunch of random beads….

Add some discount shop bells….

Thread on some leather cord and tie a loop at the top.

Repeat with the other colours and loop all the strands onto a small dream catcher ring.

Then hang!

Another colourful addition to my little outdoor space.

About Aixie

Artist Crafter Interiors Addict Crazy Cat Lady
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2 Responses to Stash Buster Wind Chimes

  1. nenamatahari says:

    That’s a great idea for those big, chunky beads you don’t know what to do with.

    • Aixie says:

      Exactly!!! They clog up my beading stocks….. this was a great project for that…..although I need to make about another 100 of them to use up even a 10th of my stocks! #beadhorder

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