Folk Art Wall Hanging

I’ve been slightly obsessed with gypsy folk art and the evil eye recently.

There are so many different versions of the evil eye, said to ward off evil when worn or hung in the home. Many cultures and religions have versions of the eye, from the Ancient Egyptians and Judaism to folk tales from Romania, New Zealand and Turkey.

So I decided to practice my embroidery stitches (I’m relearning what my grandmother taught me as a child, but I’m a bit shaky!) and create a folk art wall hanging with the evil eye!

I began by cutting eye shapes and circles out of felt.

Then I embroidered the circles onto the eye to create an iris. A line of embroidery across the top for lashes and then sewn together and stuffed with some cotton wool.

I’m still using that fabulous stash of threads I picked up in the op shop months ago!

Once I’d created twelve eyes I needed to thread them together with some beads and tassels.

Once I had threaded all three strings I tied them to a wooden coat hanger (minus the hook) that I painted with gold acrylic paint.

No evil can befall me with this beauty in the house!!!! šŸ˜†

And here’s wishing you all a lovely Christmas (or Hanukkah, Yule, Winter/Summer Solstice or whatever you might be celebrating at this time of year!!!)

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1 Response to Folk Art Wall Hanging

  1. Mixy says:

    I love seeing all the colorful additions to your nest! Wish you happy holidays and all the best for a bright colorful 2018 xx

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