Tie Dye Pillow Slips, PANTONE colour of the year and January Bed Post.

I don’t use purple a lot in my decorating. The only place it tends to appear is in my bedroom and it’s not a colour I feel really comfortable with.

But guess what the PANTONE colour of the year for 2018 is?

An amazing hue of purple designated Ultra Violet .

It’s a nice shade of purple and has inspired me to think differently about all the colours of purple in 2018!

Starting with some old school tie dye. I have a pair of very soft, very comfortable, rather saggy and ancient Egyptian cotton pillow slips. They’re a faded pale blue, they look like crap and I can’t part with them as they’re so cosy.

In order to prolong their lives just a little bit longer, I am again resorting to tie dye, this time in a bright purple hue!

I’ve chosen a traditional circular twist pattern for these. Just pinch the centre of the fabric with fingertips and twist them around clockwise.

Once all twisted, tuck in the sides and wrap with string, all the way around.

Then apply the dye, wait and wash!

With my purple kantha quilt they really look great! Hopefully I get a few more months wear out of them before they disintegrate entirely!

Happy New Year to my beautiful readers, may 2018 bring happiness, health and more purple into your lives!

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