Latest Op Shop Adventures

My last couple of op shopping trips have yielded some great bargains that I haven’t yet shared with you, so here they are. Check this amazing 1960s fondue set! I’m definitely envisioning cheese fondue night when the weather starts to cool down. And the 60s floral sifter was too good to pass up, despite the fact I already have a cute Willow brand one I picked up in a market years ago.

This set of five sherry glasses adds to my ever growing collection of coloured glassware.

This gorgeous wall hanging (Vietnamese I think?) was just $2.99! Boho bargain!

The brass vase and cute little brass hanging rack for my bathroom were just perfect!

These brass pieces were never staying in the shop, especially those geese!!!!

And I can’t quite get over this Pyrex haul! All in good condition (at least for now.)

And finally these cute retro mugs!

I also had a good cupboard clear out over the Christmas break, including the over stuffed linen press, so I donated quite a bit back as well. Just as well, or my cupboards would be overflowing!

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2 Responses to Latest Op Shop Adventures

  1. nenamatahari says:

    You have such fantastic taste.

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