Sofas and Studios

You know how I love a good op shopping bargain? Well last time I was there, I found a 1940s green sofa and armchair that I really really wanted.

And I left them in the op shop and went home.

And thought about them. Over and over for a week.

I had no chance they would still be there, but 10 days later I phoned the shop and asked the question anyway.

Miracle! They were! I rushed over to pick them up….that turned out to be a task fraught with difficulties, but that aside, I brought them home eventually!

Next I had to decide where to put them! The chair fits nicely in the library:

I’ve wanted a comfy chair in the studio for a while now, as I often find myself drawing, painting and creating in the living room just so I can curl up on the sofa while I do it, so it seemed a good idea to put it there.

Naturally this led to me tidying, decluttering and making over the studio!

It started with a throw and cushions.

Next came curtains made from a pair of pink Kantha quilts and a coffee table.

Plants, candles, a mandala cloth, and some of my brass collection also made its way in!

I’m not sure I’m done yet, I seem to have started quite a process in here and I think there’s more to come!

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2 Responses to Sofas and Studios

  1. spicejac says:

    How lucky you were that the furniture was still there – it was meant to be! Looks fantastic

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