Stencilled Bedside

About a year after I moved into this house, my next door neighbour put this little chest of drawers out on the side of the road, and I decided it would make great storage for my art as well as a good bedside table.

I loved the colour it was painted and the brass knobs, but I have recently been feeling like I wanted to do something bright and decorative to it!

Those stencils I received for my birthday a few years ago were the answer I was looking for.

I didn’t really have a plan….. I frequently just get stuck into stuff instead of planning it meticulously. I think it’s an artist thing maybe? Or maybe it’s just an Aixie thing!

I just pulled colours from my paint basket and had had a go.

Gradually I built up the pattern and colour.

I love the colours here…

And the patterns!

I am so happy with with how this turned out!

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2 Responses to Stencilled Bedside

  1. hazydazesite says:

    Do you seal your furniture with poly or anything?

    • Aixie says:

      In this instance I haven’t sealed it and it’s holding up nicely to wear and tear, but with my decoupaged pieces I use a hard wearing polyurethane varnish or clear acrylic gloss for pieces that will get a fair amount of use. Otherwise outdoor mod podge is very hard wearing.

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