Upcycled Hexagon Shelf

When I found this white hexagon shelf in the op shop for $3 I knew I could do something fun with it.

It was a no brainer to paint it a vibrant colour so I mixed up a bazillion different green paints to create this pretty jade shade.

My studio is so messy again at the moment that I did this in my living room. The shame! šŸ™ˆ

Next I knew I wanted to put a back on this shelf so I cut out a piece of thick cardboard the same shape.

Once again decoupage came to mind. I didn’t have any papers I liked for this job so I rummaged through my fabric stash. Given the size of my stash you’d think I’d come up with just the right thing but nothing I pulled looked right!

Then I remembered this tea towel I bought at Ishka:

Part of me nearly dies cutting this up for a project because it’s such a gorgeous tea towel, but sometimes you just have to sacrifice something!

Once I had Mod Podged my fabric to the cardboard and it had dried, it was ready to fix to the back of the shelf.

My trusty Bunnings staple gun made short work of the job!

Looking good, no?

Add a Buddha and it’s perfect!

I love it in amongst my gallery wall in the living room!

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