Boho Patchwork Chairs

So every 6-12 months I find myself recovering my dining chairs.

This time around however, I decided I wanted to cover them with some of my own patchwork.

Lately I have really been loving the colour combination of red and pink, so that was my starting point.

It took me several weeks to see the four chair covers.

But once I had finished the patchwork, I was ready to staple gun them to the seats!

I am absolutely loving how these look!!!

They look great in my very pink kitchen!!!

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3 Responses to Boho Patchwork Chairs

  1. Tammy S Asad says:

    I love how you just tackle all projects with such gusto. You certainly have an eye for color and pattern. The chairs are gorgeous. Did you sew everything by hand?

  2. Mixy says:

    oh my! that’s given me the itch to patchwork!! Your chairs look fabulous, what a beautiful setting for them too. Pretty in Pinks ❤

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