Crystal Amulet

I have had this clear quartz crystal point for years, and have been trying to find the right idea for making it into a necklace for a while now.

In the end I decided to use textiles and thread to weave a base for the crystal.

Fabric, rope and embroidery thread.

Firstly I glued some strips of fabric around the centre of the crystal using some jewellery glue.

Next, using more strips of fabric I wrapped the piece of rope cute to the necklace length I wanted.

A dab of glue secures the end of each strip of fabric.

Once the rope is fully covered, I cross-wrapped it with embroidery thread in colours that contrasted with the fabric.

Knotting the ends of the different coloured threads to join them together.

Once wrapped around in both directions, creating a criss-cross effect, I glued and wrapped the crystal to the centre.

I’m happy with my new Amulet, it’s really different and looks great with this thrifted dress!

About Aixie

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