Blue Spatter Planter

This project is one of those things that I still cannot decide if it’s a success or a failure.

It certainly has not turned out in any way related to my vision, but I actually quite like it!

It all started at work. I work in an architecture studio, and they were doing a bit of a cleanup of cupboards, and lucky for me they were getting rid of a bunch of stuff, which I volunteered to take off their hands!

This included some alcohol based Pantone inks that were used for refilling markers the office no longer had.

Ohhh the colours just make me happy!

Obviously I intend to use them in my artworks, but I had also seen a few projects on Pinterest that used them to create beautiful watercolour like patterns and blooming, magical effects on ceramic and glass pieces. This involved straws for blowing the ink around and spray alcohol.

So I thought I would give that a go on a plain white planter I had using some blue colours.

I gathered supplies and covered my work space with a bin bag because I figured this process would get messy. Oh boy was it messy!

The beginning of the process involved brush he ink on and trying to blow it around using the straws. Much harder than it sounds.

Then I used the alcohol spray over the wet ink, which started to look really pretty!

But it sort of reduced itself to spatters and dribbles. Not really the look I was going for.

In the end I figured I had no choice but to continue with what I had going on, so I finished the planter and saucer and left it to dry overnight.

In hindsight I think the alcohol spray was a mistake, and it might have been a more successful project without it, but I’m actually quite liking the spatter effect. It reminds me of the beautiful Italian spatterware ceramics that my mother collected in the 80s, and which I hope one day to come across in an op shop or junk shop. Hasn’t happened yet, but I live in hope!

What do you think? Craft Fail? Or happy accident?

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2 Responses to Blue Spatter Planter

  1. Mixy says:

    sometimes magic happens when creative plans go sideways – I think this is one of those times! ❤

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