Felt Moons

I have always been fascinated with the moon. As a child, I felt the magic of the full moon and as an adult I have observed its influence on my moods. I have been seeing some cute moon phase artworks and wall hangings around the place and it has inspired me to create my own.

Starting with some moon shaped cardboard templates, I cut out circles and moon shapes from white and grey felt.

I needed eight grey and two white circles, and four of each of the two crescent shapes to make my five piece hanging.

Then I sewed the crescents to the grey circles.

Once I had two sides for each of my moon phases, I sewed them together, leaving a small gap to stuff them with cotton wool before sewing up the gap.

Then I chose some sparkly “night sky” thread, and threaded and knotted the moons onto it. A loop at the top and it was ready to hang.

I chose to hang my moons in my newly painted studio!

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New Studio

For some reason I have never been happy with the yellow wall colour in my studio.

You may remember a couple of years ago I painted a mural of hellebores on one wall, which I think was an effort to disguise the yellow wall.

As much as I loved the mural, I still hated the yellow walls. It’s not easy to create in a room when you don’t like the wall colour, and I have been thinking about changing it for a while now.

I have had visions of a deep coral pink in my mind. Luckily I work for an architectural/interior design studio so I had a quick flick through the Dulux colour books and settled on Morocco.

I am absolutely loving it, and have spent a lot of time here creating! The only downside has been that my bad knee has flared up rather dramatically from going up and down a ladder all day, and two and a half weeks later it’s not getting any better. I am going to have to go to a doctor, something I avoid at all costs usually 😣

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Rainbow Prayer Flags

I love prayer flags. The intention of prayer flags is to send good wishes out to the universe. I have a bunch of Thai prayer flags hanging on my back verandah, but I decided I wanted to have a go at making my own.

I used an old white sheet that I cut into rectangles. I hate to throw things away, so if I can find another use for something, I do it. In this case, a sheet that had worn so thin it had torn.

Using acrylic paint, I transformed my pieces of sheet, just painting randomly over the fabric. I chose to stick to a colourway on each one, but you could paint whatever combination you like.

Once I had a pile of coloured fabric, I was ready to cut them into flags.

With my flags cut, I was ready to sew them together. I had some wide lace that I bought from the op shop that was perfect to sew them together with.

Once the flags were sewn to the lace, they were ready to hang!

And happy prayers are sent out into the world!

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Crystal Amulet

I have had this clear quartz crystal point for years, and have been trying to find the right idea for making it into a necklace for a while now.

In the end I decided to use textiles and thread to weave a base for the crystal.

Fabric, rope and embroidery thread.

Firstly I glued some strips of fabric around the centre of the crystal using some jewellery glue.

Next, using more strips of fabric I wrapped the piece of rope cute to the necklace length I wanted.

A dab of glue secures the end of each strip of fabric.

Once the rope is fully covered, I cross-wrapped it with embroidery thread in colours that contrasted with the fabric.

Knotting the ends of the different coloured threads to join them together.

Once wrapped around in both directions, creating a criss-cross effect, I glued and wrapped the crystal to the centre.

I’m happy with my new Amulet, it’s really different and looks great with this thrifted dress!

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Best Boho Finds

You know how you dream of going op shopping and coming across amazing find after amazing find? I literally dream about this sometimes!

But last week it actually felt like that, it really did! All of this haul in one shop:

These beautiful tea light holders

This brass tray, and another boho tea light holder

Then there was this stunning vase…

And some lovely batik napkins…

Another set of coloured glasses for my ever-growing collection, this time champagne flutes!!!!

Then there’s this adorable sun and moon….

And finally not one, but two gorgeous macrame plant hangers!

Definitely a dream come true!

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February Bed Post

My patchwork rug and some thrifted bed linen and cushions this month!

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Making Herbal Soaps

I used to make my own soap (the easy way) all the time but have been slack in recent years.

Melt and pour soap bases are amazing. They come in all sorts of types, vegetable glycerin, goats milk, coconut, shampoo bar, shaving soap, Castile, olive oil, Shea butter….you name it!

I bought some clear glycerin base and some goats milk and set about playing with adding herbs, spices, clays and oils.

The first step to any of these soaps is to melt the base – a minute or two in the microwave, and the soap is ready for the herbs and spices.

First up was a turmeric and cardamom spice soap.

I mixed powdered turmeric and cardamom into the soap base.

Then added some ginger and orange essential oils.

Poured into soap moulds and refrigerated for an hour, and the soap was ready.

I also made a catnip soap with green clay, spearmint and lavender…

A Himalayan happiness soap with pink Himalayan salt, geranium and grapefruit essential oils…

A Yarrow Goats Milk soap with lavender, patchouli and yang ylang…

A Dead Sea Mud facial soap with lavender, bergamot and sandalwood….

And a mugwort cleansing soap with red clay, rosemary, thyme and lavender…

Such an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon, making soap amongst the scents of herbs and oils and the colours of clays and fragrant spices.

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