Prayer Flag for 2019

I have been inspired by a good friend of mine, and one amazing spiritual sister, Tyrene Hickman to come up with a word for next year.

I pulled cards from four different oracle and tarot decks for guidance as to my own word for 2019.

After some reading of the meanings behind the cards and some meditation on the right word for me, it became apparent my word for 2019 is “GROWTH”. Other words associated with the cards were abundance, nurturing, instincts, inspiration and protection.

So, also inspired by Tyrene, I decided to create a prayer flag for next year, around my word and goal of “growth”.

I began with a green gingham placemat as my base for my flag. I’ve had it for a long time, it came from a relative and has been in my fabric stash for years.

I gathered some other fabric from my stash in colours I associated with growth.

I wanted to create a patchwork effect on my flag, so I cut some cardboard pieces to fit.

Then I cut pieces from my collection of fabric to fit the pieces, as I do for patchwork.

once I’d sewn my pieces together….

I needed to sew them to the flag. It was important to me to hand sew all of the elements of my flag, so my hopes, thoughts and prayers were immersed in the creation of my flag.

I also wanted to sew some leaves to the flag, using embroidery thread and chunky stitches.

Once the leaves were sewn, I needed stems for my leaves to grow from. Wool, sewn down with embroidery thread fits the bill.

Some additional embroidery embellishments and some tassels added further details.

Using bright yellow embroidery thread, I seed the flag to the hanging stick (a piece of eucalyptus), and then I used puff paint to write my word on the flag.

With a plaited wool thread to hang from, my flag is done! I’ve hung it in my living room, where I can see it every day.

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December Bed Post

I know, I know, I have been slack with posting here, I can’t believe it’s been a month already since my last post! Sorry folks, life has been busy and time got away from me!

I hope to continue my regular posts in 2019, but I feel on the verge of some big changes in my life, so I make no promises!

In the meantime, here’s a Bed Post with a bunch of different beds from the last year. I hope you enjoy them!

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Boho Patchwork Chairs

So every 6-12 months I find myself recovering my dining chairs.

This time around however, I decided I wanted to cover them with some of my own patchwork.

Lately I have really been loving the colour combination of red and pink, so that was my starting point.

It took me several weeks to see the four chair covers.

But once I had finished the patchwork, I was ready to staple gun them to the seats!

I am absolutely loving how these look!!!

They look great in my very pink kitchen!!!

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October Bed Post

I am sharing two beds this month, both bright colours inspired by the gorgeous Spring weather we’ve had lately!

Pinks and yellows with some vintage thrifted bed linen.

Merlin seems to like this combination!

Next up is a combination that began with my grandmother’s quilt with all its joyful colours!

Happy Spring to my Southern Hemisphere readers!

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Joss Paper Shelf

I have been wanting to decoupage something using Joss Paper for a very long time, and finally got the right project for it.

Joss paper is made from bamboo and is traditionally burned as an offering during Chinese ancestral worship. It’s incredibly beautiful, in all its variations.

I chose a very simple orange and gold paper.

This shelf is an old piece I’ve had for years and has been many colours over its life.

It’s stained on top, chipped on the bottom and certainly in need of a makeover!

With my trusty brush and my old friend, Mod Podge I started by laying out the joss paper in a pleasing pattern on the top of the shelf.

Then I just filled in the gaps.

This has been even more successful a project than I ever envisioned, I’m so happy with the results, I will definitely be using joss paper for decoupage on future projects!

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New Treasures

Over the last couple of op shopping excursions I have picked up a few cute new treasures I thought I should share with you.

This wise little statue called to me from a tiny op shop in a small country town whilst on holiday recently, as did this granny crochet throw in my favourite colours.

This sweet cane plant stand or stool:

This teeny Indian incense holder and brass dish:

Along with the cutest anodised brass vase and Buddha tea light holder:

And, probably my favourite of all is this oval picture frame which is perfect for this painting of leucadendrons.

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Boho Decoupage Rings

I hate waste, and when I do patchwork and other sewing projects I end up with a lot of little scraps of fabric.

The cotton pieces can be composted, but the synthetic fabric has to go to landfill, so I try hard to find ways of using them up and this jewellery project is a way to do just that!

Apart from fabric, I used some flat wooden beads, some gold paint, glue and ring blanks.

The first step was to paint the edges of the beads with gold paint.

Then I used mod podge to glue the fabric onto the flat surface of the beads.

Once dry, the excess fabric was trimmed.

Once trimmed, the ring blanks were glued to the back.

Once dry, they’re done!

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