Latest op shop finds

Apart from this cute little table I have also picked up some other bits and pieces recently.

Such as this large basket that I’m using as a planter for my biggest aspidistra.

These gorgeous amber glasses…

This set of three enamel plates with cute floral folk art designs.

A couple of new blue and white pieces like this unusual flare shaped vase…

And not one, but two new ginger jars with pointed knobs. The large one on the top shelf and the smaller one on the next shelf.

And a successful op shopping trip always includes some brass…

The candle stick and goblet are great, but the cobra is my favourite!!!!!

Then there was this cute set of retro mugs…

And finally, I found this cute mosaic plant stand on the roadside hard rubbish.

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March Bed Post

March’s Bed Post brings a combination of ethnic textiles and vintage florals.

That kind of sums up my style really!

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New Kitchen Tiles

This is something I have been wanting to do for a very long time.

Today I finally did it, updated my plain boring white kitchen tiles with some awesome bohemian tile stickers! Yay!

I bought the stickers on ebay, rather nervously given all I had to go on was this picture:

Four sets of twenty stickers was needed for this space, but that only set me back less than $80 including postage.


This was also a great opportunity for a thorough spring clean of the space!


It was very straightforward, just peel and stick, although there were some tricky bits (the corner under the cupboards, around power switches etc) which I haven’t done a brilliant job at, and getting them all perfectly aligned…..well let’s just say I’m never going to get a job as a tiler!!!

But on the whole, I couldn’t be happier with the results!

It has just elevated my pink kitchen from good to AMAZING! Yes, it’s now a riot of pattern and colour, just like the rest of the house, and I love it!!!!!

What do you think?

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Glass topped table uplift

I found this cute little table in my local op shop for $2.99, and noticed the glass top lifts out, so decided to give it a bit of a lift with some pretty fabric.

This Cambodian fabric was a gift, and I thought it was perfect for the table.

No tutorial required here, I just placed the glass on the fabric and cut around it!


Looking good!

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Instagram Challenge

If you follow me on Instagram (@alexandrafelgate), then you will have seen that last month I participated in a month long photo a day challenge via the hashtag #showmeyourboho.

First day was REFRESH:

I had just refreshed my entryway with a different selection of art.

Day 2: BEFORE:

My entryway before the re-hang.

Day 3: organise:

My jewellery collection is huge and needs organisation!

Day 4: RELAX:

Day 5: HYGGE:

Day 6: SOFA:


Day 8: BOOKS:


My favourite notebooks.


Kantha, cushions….lots of handmade items here.

Day 11: PLANTS:

Day 12: MORNING:

A lazy Sunday with tea and Harry.

Day 13: LAYERS:

Day 14: SERVE:


My favourite view.


Progress on Sketchbook Project sketchbook.

Day17: DINE:

Day 18: THREE

A tricky prompt, but the little set of three baskets fitted the bill!


Day 20: SELFIE:

I don’t do selfies, so I shared a shelfie instead!

Day 21: BLOOM:


Day 23: #WIDN:

(Watching Netflix and drinking wine)


Day25: GATHER:

On my daily walk I gather feathers and have them displayed around the house.


Crystals are my favourite little things!

Day 27: SELF CARE:

Self care generally involves my sofa!

Day 28: HUES:


Day 30: RESULTS:

The result of my purchase of a footstool/ottoman was for it to be appropriated by Merlin.


I really enjoyed participating in this challenge, it was a lot of fun!

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Bohemian Hexagon Patchwork Mirror

I have had this wooden mirror for a while and it has had several incarnations.

For a while it was pink, later I had covered it in confetti!

I thought I would just paint it turquoise, but then I opened a drawer in my studio and found my hexagon paper punch. The idea then occurred to me to use up my scraps of pretty boho papers and colouring in pages.

Once I had cut out a basket full of hexagons I start glueing them to the mirror!

Once covered with hexies, a layer of matte mod Podge over the top seals it.

Once all the edges were glued down and the top coat dried, it was ready to hang on the wall!

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African Inspired Planter

Flicking through Pinterest and I’m seeing lots of gorgeous African textiles and patterns, and I decided I wanted to decorate something with a similar style.

This little white ceramic planter was picked up on an op shopping trip a couple of years ago, and has spent the last little while in my studio holding washi tape.

With black permanent texta in hand and African patterns on my laptop, I started drawing!

It’s not even or perfect, but I love the bespoke nature of it!

It makes me want more black and white pieces in amongst all my colours!

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