My blog has reached Brazil

The lovely Litz Gouvea found me on instagram and wanted to do a blog post about me!

Check it out:

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Leafy Wardrobe Mural

About three months ago I decided I was sick of my boring grey wardrobe doors.

So I decided a mural would be a fun way to jazz it up and grabbing a pencil I started scribbling leaf shapes on these doors.

Then I filled in the background using the same paint as the walls.

Then came green colours on the leaves.

It was at this point that I started to feel as though this just wasn’t working.

And it stayed just like this for three months.

Finally, I decided to finish it off with some white outlines and leaf detailing.

I’m still not sure about it, but at least it’s done. I may well paint over it sometime, as I am just not feeling it.

What do you think? Success or failure?

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Stencilled Bedside

About a year after I moved into this house, my next door neighbour put this little chest of drawers out on the side of the road, and I decided it would make great storage for my art as well as a good bedside table.

I loved the colour it was painted and the brass knobs, but I have recently been feeling like I wanted to do something bright and decorative to it!

Those stencils I received for my birthday a few years ago were the answer I was looking for.

I didn’t really have a plan….. I frequently just get stuck into stuff instead of planning it meticulously. I think it’s an artist thing maybe? Or maybe it’s just an Aixie thing!

I just pulled colours from my paint basket and had had a go.

Gradually I built up the pattern and colour.

I love the colours here…

And the patterns!

I am so happy with with how this turned out!

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Tassel Embellished Tea Towels

If you follow me on Instagram you might’ve seen these cute Morgan & Finch tea towels I found in the op shop recently.

They’re definitely brand new, and so pretty!

But you know me, I get the urge to upcycle things, and I felt these would look cute with tassels added to them!

So I made a bunch of little tassels using my tassel frame (but using a book works too)

Then I sewed them to the top and bottom edges of each tea towel

They fit in nicely with my kitchen….

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Rainbow Rug

I have recently fallen completely in love with the gorgeous range of rugs from Sukhi

Sukhi are an ethical fair trade business who champion for fair wages in the countries where their beautiful hand made rugs are produced. You can read all about their business on their website but in their own words:

We believe in only the fairest wages:

That’s why our Sukhi artisans deserve to earn a fair living. Our company enables them to reach that goal. Their salary is about 2-3 times the average pay in the region! They can live comfortably. Their families are well cared for and their children can prosper in school. The artisans also enjoy knowing that their work really means something to its buyer. Even outside of their community, their rugs carry meaning and worth. Many of our Indian artisans haven’t completed a formal education. However, they value the on the job training we provide. We often hear from our artisans that they get a sense of pride from their work”

So when they approached me to collaborate with them I was really pleased to do it.

They have so many beautiful rugs it was really hard to choose…

How gorgeous are these beauties from Nepal:

And Turkey:

And India:

In the end I couldn’t resist the bright rainbowy chevrons in the Sukhi Sai rug from India.

Made from soft wool, the colours in this rug are so gorgeous!

When it first arrived I placed in my “happy spot” which is right where I do my Kundalini yoga every week…

In the warm afternoon sunshine the cats often sit here, but they weren’t posing for me today.

This rug is so versatile though, I keep finding new places to put it!!!

Here it is in the entrance…

And then I put it in the kitchen….

It looks fantastic everywhere!

Follow Sukhi on Instagram:

For more info check out their website :

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House Tour

A few weeks ago (sheesh, it’s probably a few months now actually) I was asked by a follower on Instagram to do a house tour.

I am no professional when it comes to videos, but I thought it was such a great idea!

Given my lack of video editing skills, the video I took is 100% raw footage with all my stumbling and random nattering on about goddess knows what.

It took me a while to get around to it, it’s not easy to make sure the whole house is tidy all at once, there always seems to be washing to be sorted or dishes to be put away or cat toys on the floor or some sort of arts and crafts chaos in the house!

But here we are. You will finally get to hear my voice (and unless you’re a fellow Aussie you’ll also get to laugh at my accent! 😂)

There’s even a couple of moments to prove that real life gets in the way of perfection, and that’s only how it should be.

I hope you enjoy it!

House Tour Video

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Blog Break

I have been busy with this blog for over four years. I love blogging, and I love all you guys who read my blog and come along my journey with me, but it’s time for me to take a little break.

Don’t worry! I will be back, I promise!

But I need to take a little bit of time out to regroup and re-centre, so I can bring my heart and soul back to this platform.

In the meantime you can still follow me on Instagram ✌️

See you soon!

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