Kitchen Floors Finally Finished!

It has taken one hell of a lot of hard work, blood, sweat, tears and swearing, but the kitchen floors are finally done!
Let me remind you what it was like when I first pulled up the floating floor.

Covered in glue, there was a lot of painstaking spreading paint stripper and scraping hard. Over and over again.

Halfway done, a lot more to go, I thought it would never end!

Sanding, sanding, sanding. 

Finally it was time to apply the varnish! I toddled off to Bunnings and tried hard to match the colour of the floor in the living room from photos.

So far, so good. I was quite happy at this stage, even though the colour was slightly more orange than I wanted it was close.
However. It needed two coats, so once the first coat was dry, I started all over again.

Once the second coat went on, it was very orange. It doesn’t look so orange in photos, but in real life it’s not my ideal colour.

But. It’s done! And it will be fine until such time as I can afford to get professionals in to do the whole house properly!

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A love of Afghans 

It’s no secret that I have an addictive personality, and you may have noticed that one of my obsessions is crocheted or knitted afghans.

I can’t crochet or knit, something I lament regularly.

Despite every crocheter telling me how ridiculously easy it is I just can’t get it. (Obviously I’m just dumb) One day I will master crochet, I will. 

Until that day comes, I will continue to scour the op shops for afghans and wooly rugs. I love them, and have amassed quite a collection!

I especially love the traditional granny square afghans. These two are my absolute favourites:

Here’s to the talented craftspeople who created these beautiful throws ❤

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December Bed Post

I think I’ve been reading too much of Selina Lake’s book Romantic Style (her books are awesome, check them out!), because I’ve gone with a very soft and romantic bed this month!

The starting point this month was my grandmother’s crocheted bedspread. My paternal granny made this for me when I was maybe 9 or 10 years old? It is made for a single bed to fall completely to the floor, but it sits quite nicely on my double bed. (Coincidentally this was my maternal grandparent’s bed!!)

I was never allowed to use this as a child, it was considered too precious, and the cats might damage it.

The same reason was given as to why it should remain in my parents linen press, as I grew up. I recently asked my mother for it and her first question was “why?”.

“Because it’s mine and I don’t want it to spend eternity in a cupboard where no-one can enjoy it.” was my response.

Lo and behold, it formed part of my 41st birthday present last month! And still the concern that my cats might destroy it.

They’re looking pretty much like angels here…..I think they love it as much as I do!!!!

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Christmas Decorations 

I love Christmas, especially decorating my tree. 

Unfortunately with four cats and a wolfhound, I can’t decorate with the divine collection of vintage glass baubles my mother offered me (sigh), nor can I use any tinsel (one of my cats at least would attempt chewing it, and that’s a big no no- very dangerous).

So I have to decorate with cat-friendly unbreakable decorations. I even have to tether my tree to the wall with a cup hook and a length of ribbon!

This year I decided to upgrade my cheap plastic bauble collection with some metallic paint pens!

I literally had no plan and just doodled on them as I went.

It was good fun, and I’m surprised how pretty they look! 

Then I decided to use up some scraps of colouring in pages leftover from my decoupage sessions.

I simply cut circles from cardboard and glued the scraps to them.

A hole punched in the top and they’re ready to hang.

It’s a little bit boho, and very cat-friendly. 

Happy Christmas to you all!!!!

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Embroidered Tablecloths and Vintage Glassware 

Naturally when I bought that little wall cupboard I didn’t walk out of the op shop with just that!!! I found all sorts of other pretty bits and pieces, including these gorgeous vintage glasses, which will be perfect for the chocolate mousse I’m planning for Christmas Day!

This beautiful embroidered table cloth was a bargain for $6! It’s quite large, plenty big enough for my dining table, as was this vintage damask cloth. I’m thinking of dyeing it a soft blue or green colour, but am undecided as yet.

It was obviously a day for tablecloths and other textiles, as I came across these crocheted numbers, another retro embroidered cloth and a rainbow crocheted rug, not to mention the vintage rose print cushions….

The sweetest little blue and white ginger jar, just a couple of inches tall was irresistible to this blue and white fanatic!

As was another lidded ceramic dish for my dressing table.

Then another brass vase for my collection and these two vintage tumblers, which are quite big. You don’t often see coloured vintage glasses as big as this, I only wish there’d been more of them!

Wow, what a cartload of treasures!!!! Some days the op shop gods really smile upon me!!!

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Wall Cupboard Makeover 

I always find it hard to walk past a forlorn, unwanted piece of furniture in the op shop.

I’d been thinking of putting a shelf up above my bed for a while when I came across this obviously home made little cupboard in my local Savers shop for $4.

This would be perfect! And all it needed was a light sand and a coat of paint….

I went for a retro sugary pink colour that would stand out on my deep blue wall.

I also added some cup hooks to the bottom so I can hang pretty things from it.

I love it!

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Further adventures in floorboards 

The opportunity to get some help to pull up the floating floorboards in the kitchen, living room and hallway came up recently, before I’d really planned it. I really couldn’t turn down the offer of (free) labour, and it is something I’ve wanted to do ever since pulling up my carpets.

Don’t get me wrong, floating wood laminate floors are a great option when faced with hideous floors and a small budget, and if I was trying to cover up concrete or ugly tiles or something, I’d be the first to jump at them.

Having unearthed the gorgeous timber floorboards in my studio, library and bedroom, I was at a loss as to why someone would put in floating floors over the top in the other rooms though!

Even if they weren’t in great shape, surely the answer would be sand and stain the original floors???

Here are the “before” pics of the floating floor:

It’s neat and tidy. It’s new-looking.

And it’s just that little bit too plastic.

It sounds wrong, it feels too slippery and it has no warmth.

So, heart in my mouth not knowing what I was going to unearth, I gratefully accepted the help to pull it up!!!!

Did I regret it?
Not a bit of it, although it wasn’t all good news.

The living room floor was in good shape, and the warmth it brings to the room is just amazing.

The hallways are a little more worn, I suspect they never had carpet over them unlike other rooms. They’ve also got quite a few drops and dribbles of paint on them. I think the walls were painted before the faux floorboards went down and no care was taken to protect the boards. 

That shouldn’t be too big a job to tidy up, and eventually I can sand and repolish them.

The biggest disappointment was in the kitchen. 😢

Here the floors had obviously had either Lino or tiles glued to them! I suspect slate  as there are a pile of brown and grey, very 1980s slate tiles piled up in my shed.

The floorboards themselves aren’t damaged, so with a bit of work (who am I kidding, a shit-tonne of work) scraping glue, sanding and polishing, these floors are going to be amazing too!

Stay tuned, as I’ve started down the long and winding road of scraping and sanding already. Still a long way to go, but…..

I’m going to have to do this myself, the budget just won’t stretch to professional assistance at the moment. It’s going to be slow. A lot of work. 

Ultimately (or so I’m currently telling my aching body) very rewarding!!!

I’ll share my progress and the results with you in the (hopefully not too distant) future!

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