Rose Decoupage Box

When I came across these books on roses in the op shop, I thought the pictures could be good for decoupage.

So I cut some some pictures out to decoupage a box for some of my knowledge cards.

If there’s one thing you’re probably coming to understand about me, it’s that I’m slightly obsessive and love collecting things. One of those things is Tarot/Oracle/Knowledge cards, and for that I like pretty boxes to put them in. 

My beloved Mod Podge and a brush and I set to gluing the roses onto the box.

When it was covered inside and out I gave it a few more coats of matte Mod Podge and let it dry.

Perfect for my Goddess Knowledge Cards!

It fits in nicely with my collection!

Yes, I know, that is quite a collection šŸ˜†

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Decoupage Wall Planters

With four cats in the house, three of whom are indoors only, houseplants can take a real battering.

So I try to put my plants out of reach of paws and teeth, not an easy feat with such agile kitties! I decided I wanted to get some wall planters, but I was astounded by how ugly they are! Unless you have fistfuls of cash, then they get, well slightly more attractive.

Pretty blah, I think you’ll agree. But have I ever settled for blah? I think not!

My old standby, decoupage, saves the day again.

I decided to use fabric not paper, given there’s a good chance the decoupage would get wet.

Three different types of fabric here – Japanese lawn, cotton quilting fabric and some polyester/elastane that was cut from a dress that was too long.

Lots of Mod Podge required for these!

The Japanese lawn was the easiest to apply and the poly blend the hardest…,

But the end results looked pretty fab…

And safe from chewing, furry little rascals!

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Moroccan Inspired Plate

I love Moroccan tiles and patterns so when I was wondering what sort of design to draw on the edge of some white plates I picked up for a few dollars in the bargain bin at spotlight, I started toying with some Morrocan-y sorts of patterns.

Then (in my usual fashion) I launched in and started drawing!

I had a second, smaller (bread and butter) plate and decided to do a more organic leaf pattern on that one.

Perfect for a plate of nibbles and a glass of wine on a fine nearly-Spring day!

And if you’re wondering what I’m watching here, it’s Netflix’s new series of The Worst Witch. I read these books as a child (and still have them) then as a teenager I watched the TV show. I was really hesitant that they would butcher the new series, but it’s fantastic!!!! 

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Air Plant Wall GarlandĀ 

So today I was in Bunnings and couldn’t help but succumb to the Air Plant trend!

I bought two little air plants that grow pretty pink flowers. I got home and thought “how the heck am I going to display these little cuties?”

There I was sitting in my studio when I saw these cute twig balls I picked up in the op shop a while bag with no real idea what I was going to do with them.

Light bulb moment! I could make a wall hanging or garland with the balls and stick the air plants to the wicker spheres!

10 minutes with some string, a needle and a dab of glue from my glue gun and I had a string of wicker balls.

A couple more dabs of glue and the air plants were attached!

It looks fantastic! If I don’t manage to kill these little plants with my brown thumbs I might add some more to some of the other spheres.

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Ice Dyeing (and a little more tie dyeing)

You all know how much I love tie dye, but for a while now I’ve wanted to try ice dyeing.

I went through my wardrobe and pulled out a few items to dye and bought a large Tulip tie dye kit, then set to work googling ice dyeing techniques!

Turns out to be very simple! Even easier than tie dye!!

For ice dyeing you need:

Laundry tub or a large plastic container.

A rack to sit the fabric on.


Dry dye powder (not mixed with water)


Then it was a case of putting one on top of the other!! Rack in the sink, the pretty aqua blue top scrunched on top of the rack. Ice onto the fabric then purple, turquoise and blue dye sprinkled over the top.

It’s winter here so the ice took about 8 hours to melt, but this would be much quicker in summer.

I love the results! Sort of watercoloury šŸ˜Š

Then, as I had the dyes out, a bunch of rubber bands that came with the kit and some more clothes to dye I did some more tie dyeing.

And I now have three new tie dyed tops (the white one must have been polyester cotton blend, as the result was very pastel) and a very bright pair of leggings!

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Gypsy Rose LuminariesĀ 

One of my favourite blogs to read is Gypsy Yaya ( Andrea loves and shares all things bohemian and gorgeous, from houses to crafts to clothes. (Check out her blog, it’s totally awesome!!!)

She created these very cute Gypsy Rose Luminaries and I’ve been wanting to make some for ages!
Finally I gathered together some old glass votives, some fake flowers and my trusty glue gun.

I think Andrea’s turned out better, but I still think these are pretty!!!

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July Bed Post

This month I am finally able to show off my new hexagon flowers patchwork bedspread.

I started this nearly a year ago and for the last six months it’s been waiting for me to finally back it, which I did using that gorgeous blue vintage sheet.

With some soft icy blue bedding, it’s quite a cosy serene bedroom this month šŸ˜Œ

Once again Nefertiti is masquerading as a chamber maid, although her talents in bed making leave a lot to be desired.

Close up of some of the hexie flowers.

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