Boho Patchwork Chairs

So every 6-12 months I find myself recovering my dining chairs.

This time around however, I decided I wanted to cover them with some of my own patchwork.

Lately I have really been loving the colour combination of red and pink, so that was my starting point.

It took me several weeks to see the four chair covers.

But once I had finished the patchwork, I was ready to staple gun them to the seats!

I am absolutely loving how these look!!!

They look great in my very pink kitchen!!!

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October Bed Post

I am sharing two beds this month, both bright colours inspired by the gorgeous Spring weather we’ve had lately!

Pinks and yellows with some vintage thrifted bed linen.

Merlin seems to like this combination!

Next up is a combination that began with my grandmother’s quilt with all its joyful colours!

Happy Spring to my Southern Hemisphere readers!

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Joss Paper Shelf

I have been wanting to decoupage something using Joss Paper for a very long time, and finally got the right project for it.

Joss paper is made from bamboo and is traditionally burned as an offering during Chinese ancestral worship. It’s incredibly beautiful, in all its variations.

I chose a very simple orange and gold paper.

This shelf is an old piece I’ve had for years and has been many colours over its life.

It’s stained on top, chipped on the bottom and certainly in need of a makeover!

With my trusty brush and my old friend, Mod Podge I started by laying out the joss paper in a pleasing pattern on the top of the shelf.

Then I just filled in the gaps.

This has been even more successful a project than I ever envisioned, I’m so happy with the results, I will definitely be using joss paper for decoupage on future projects!

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New Treasures

Over the last couple of op shopping excursions I have picked up a few cute new treasures I thought I should share with you.

This wise little statue called to me from a tiny op shop in a small country town whilst on holiday recently, as did this granny crochet throw in my favourite colours.

This sweet cane plant stand or stool:

This teeny Indian incense holder and brass dish:

Along with the cutest anodised brass vase and Buddha tea light holder:

And, probably my favourite of all is this oval picture frame which is perfect for this painting of leucadendrons.

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Boho Decoupage Rings

I hate waste, and when I do patchwork and other sewing projects I end up with a lot of little scraps of fabric.

The cotton pieces can be composted, but the synthetic fabric has to go to landfill, so I try hard to find ways of using them up and this jewellery project is a way to do just that!

Apart from fabric, I used some flat wooden beads, some gold paint, glue and ring blanks.

The first step was to paint the edges of the beads with gold paint.

Then I used mod podge to glue the fabric onto the flat surface of the beads.

Once dry, the excess fabric was trimmed.

Once trimmed, the ring blanks were glued to the back.

Once dry, they’re done!

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Rearranging My Kitchen Wall

“There is nothing so constant as change.” I’ve quoted this before, and it remains very true in my house!

I recently painted some new artworks of proteas (my new favourite flower!) in pretty pink tones.

And that led me to rearranging all the art in the kitchen, and of course all the other bits and pieces as well!

Before this I had a collection of plates on the kitchen wall.

But I think I’m preferring the wall of pretty pink art.

What do you think?

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September Bed Post

This month I am sharing a combination using my favourite kantha quilt, some cushions from Ishka, one of the pom pom cushions and thrifted pillow cases.

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Wall Lights Update ~ Sun & Moon

A while ago I updated my ugly wall lights with ash tree leaves and mod podge: see my previous post

They looked great, but eventually the heat of the bulbs faded and browned the leaves, so I decided it was time for another upcycle!

I used paint remover to get rid of the heavy duty outdoor mod podge I used and they cleaned up very easily:

I wanted to go for a sun and moon design, and I drew it on with a pencil first:

Then I dug out some glass/ceramic paints including some gold lead light paint which I used to go over my pencil lines:

Then I filled in the background in a dark blue and the sun and moon in yellow and grey/blue:

Once they were dry they were ready to put back up!

I’m very pleased with their new look!

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Upcycled Hexagon Shelf

When I found this white hexagon shelf in the op shop for $3 I knew I could do something fun with it.

It was a no brainer to paint it a vibrant colour so I mixed up a bazillion different green paints to create this pretty jade shade.

My studio is so messy again at the moment that I did this in my living room. The shame! šŸ™ˆ

Next I knew I wanted to put a back on this shelf so I cut out a piece of thick cardboard the same shape.

Once again decoupage came to mind. I didn’t have any papers I liked for this job so I rummaged through my fabric stash. Given the size of my stash you’d think I’d come up with just the right thing but nothing I pulled looked right!

Then I remembered this tea towel I bought at Ishka:

Part of me nearly dies cutting this up for a project because it’s such a gorgeous tea towel, but sometimes you just have to sacrifice something!

Once I had Mod Podged my fabric to the cardboard and it had dried, it was ready to fix to the back of the shelf.

My trusty Bunnings staple gun made short work of the job!

Looking good, no?

Add a Buddha and it’s perfect!

I love it in amongst my gallery wall in the living room!

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Rainbow Dyed Crochet Tablecloth

I have had this lace/crochet tablecloth for years and have hardly used it.

It came from an op shop maybe 15 years ago and has been sitting in my linen press ever since. So I decided to do a little dyeing and see what happened!

When I see these tie dye kits on sale I always snap them up, even with no project in mind.

I didn’t want to actually tie dye this, so I just folded the cloth and squirted the dye on in a vaguely striped fashion, blending the colours into each other.

A few hours and a quick run through the washing machine on cold, and it was beautifully rainbow coloured!

What do you think?

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